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the artist by catrinacally the artist :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 3 6 tenkai knights chillin by catrinacally tenkai knights chillin :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 3 1 Keep Calm and Ship Mabifica by catrinacally Keep Calm and Ship Mabifica :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 18 1 bill and tom as ponies by catrinacally bill and tom as ponies :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 1 0 billdip willdip and fem billdip cover by catrinacally billdip willdip and fem billdip cover :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 1 0 bill cipher by catrinacally bill cipher :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 0 0 bill ciphers son sequal cover idea? by catrinacally bill ciphers son sequal cover idea? :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 1 0
a gravity falls summer
So if you notice us this is new I put an explanation in the description. Now let's get started and thank you sooooooooooo much for dealing with me and my craziness <3
Your sitting in the bus on the way to "gravity falls"  because your mom and dad have decided that you have to spend the summer with your uncle Bill Cipher. Unfortunately not being in the magical barrier around the town means you seems like a full 100% human however that's not fully true only half. Your just sitting on the bus and decide to put you head phones in and enter your mindscape for the next hour.
-time skip: 2:45 p.m. gravity falls bus station-
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Valentine by catrinacally Valentine :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 1 0 hetalia doodle Italy by catrinacally hetalia doodle Italy :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 0 0 Stakes FC style title cover by catrinacally Stakes FC style title cover :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 2 2 su oc Moonstone by catrinacally su oc Moonstone :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 1 1
A day in the life of Fionna and Marshall part 4
let's start this part right away.
You don't know how late it is but only because Marshall is in front of the alarm clock on the bed side table next to you. "Hey it's time to wake up sleepy head." He is smiling at you as you sit up "Cake came by worried about you I told her that you had fallen asleep and she dropped off Some clean clothes since she figured that you would be asleep all night." " o-okay what time is it?" You ask  holding back  yawn. "Oh I'm blocking the clock" he said looking at you worriedly the with understanding. "Uhh 1:39." He said looking at the clock behind him " you hungry you missed lunch and dinner? I could make something for you real quick while you get dressed" he says a s he floats off the bed then you get up and walk to the bag you can easily recognize from Cake and start to take you clothes off  "that would be great please" " k any thing in particular you want or whateve?" You turn tword him with the dirty clothes in your hands"what ever" " k
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my mlp oc by catrinacally my mlp oc :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 1 7
Finn and Fionna(the other world)
Let's hop right in
Fionna and Finn kicked the ice king and queen off of each other scolded them, then apologized for them then busted out laughing.
Fionnas pov
"Hey Finn I have an awesome idea how about a race to the tree house, Cake would probably love to meet Jake and it would be super fun too." "Ya and we can run like energetic little bo- kids." Finn said catching himself and blushing "sorry I almost called you a boy." " dude I don't care but how about we make this more interesting,say if I win you have to ...put on a dress of my choosing and were make up in front of the princess and if you win." " if I win you have to ....kiss the vampire" pointing to Marshall "fi~fine deal" Fionna agreed blushing red as a tomato. "O-ok let's start at the candy kingdom gates, Jake can be refe how about it?" Fionna said turning to Jake . "Sure why not let's get to the tree house come here BMO it's time to go home. "Okay Jake, Finn, Fionna I can't wait to see football."
Okay so that's the end for now
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Flame Prince and Flame princess as chibis by catrinacally Flame Prince and Flame princess as chibis :iconcatrinacally:catrinacally 0 0


Don't Call Me That (Septiplier)
"Yeah?" Jack broke his gaze from the blur of the passing city going by around them, quirking his eyebrow inquisitively at his friend.
Mark side-glanced him from his place in the driver's seat; "You've been awfully quiet. Is something wrong?"
Snorting, Jack waved a hand dismissively, "Miss my beautiful voice already, Fischbach?"
Mark reached over to turn the volume up on the radio.
"Oh fuck you!" The Irishman scolded as he swatted Mark's hand away from the dial. He let out a small giggle, "I'm just thinkin'..."
Mark feigned a look of utter distress, his voice faux-trembling "Oh, the horror..."
"Fucking terrifying, I know." He quipped with a roll of his eyes.
Jack toed off his shoes and pulled his knees to his chest, nestling his noggin against the headrest of the passenger's seat. "It's just..."
A deep exhale.
"I really like it here in LA. Fuck, I'm havin' th'best time these past few days! Collabing with you a-and th'grumps and all..."
"Buuuuut?" Mark drawled out, sparing quick
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Victuri by Elentori Victuri :iconelentori:Elentori 1,352 47 Inner Space by Elentori Inner Space :iconelentori:Elentori 1,962 47 Teal by Elentori Teal :iconelentori:Elentori 1,095 12 Home by Elentori Home :iconelentori:Elentori 1,513 27 Saltwater Room by Elentori Saltwater Room :iconelentori:Elentori 1,355 19 Gold by Elentori Gold :iconelentori:Elentori 1,439 20 Dorks in Love by Elentori Dorks in Love :iconelentori:Elentori 966 12 SAMPLE03 by okuet SAMPLE03 :iconokuet:okuet 507 24 KLance logo (glowing) by kingpin1055 KLance logo (glowing) :iconkingpin1055:kingpin1055 140 23 BillDip. by tsukiyukki05 BillDip. :icontsukiyukki05:tsukiyukki05 38 9 Against All Odds by WhisperSeas Against All Odds :iconwhisperseas:WhisperSeas 105 23 Bill Boy by WarmishWinter Bill Boy :iconwarmishwinter:WarmishWinter 18 10 .The Mysterious Pear. by Hetiru .The Mysterious Pear. :iconhetiru:Hetiru 2,002 48 Splatoon by Z-T00N Splatoon :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 3,850 0 March Patreon Post Card by Hootsweets March Patreon Post Card :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,722 68




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I'm a student but drawing is my hobby (I'm not to good though) and just because I'm not good doesn't mean I can't have fun if I like doing it


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